News 2016 (I)



Mein erstes selbstgeschriebens Buch.
Der Inhalt bleibt noch vorerst unter Verschluss.
Etwa 3 Jahre saß ich dran. Auch die zusätzlichen Arbeiten wie Illustrationen, Fotos, Zeichnungen, Gestaltung etc. sind von mir. Bin sehr gespannt auf das Endergebnis und wie es beim Leser aufgenommen wird!

My first self-written book.
The content remains a secret for now.
It took approx. 3 years to complete, not only for the writing process, but also for the illustrations, photos, drawings and design etc. which are also my creation. I'm pretty exited about the final result, and how it will be received by the reader!

News 2016 (I)


Hier einige Beispiele meiner aktuellen Arbeiten.
Es hat viele Jahre gedauert, bis ich endlich meinen Weg in der Malerei gefunden habe. Zum ersten Mal fühle ich mich - in vielfältiger Hinsicht - angekommen! Die lange Reise hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt!

Here are a few examples of some current paintings.
It took many years, until I actually found my own path with the paintings. Hence, for the very first time I feel as though I've finaly arrived - in various ways. But it surely was worth the long journey.

News 2011 (I)


Israel, Tel Aviv, Savoy 2011

Werbung Winsor & Newton

News 2009 (II)

Rathaus stade

serienbilder der schwedenschanze
08.01. - 22.01.2010

vernissage freitag 08.01.10, 18.00uhr

News 2009 (I)


30. Nov. 2009 - 31. Jan 2010

Dr. Karim Gaafar (left)

News 2008 (III)

New York

ASL exhibition: Nov. 28.08 - Jan. 05.09

News 2008 (II)

Mallorca - 7th December 08

Meeting with gallery owner Dr. K. Gaafar at Es Canyar - Alcudia for upcoming exhibition

*Dates confirmed / Ausstellungsdaten:
30 Nov. 2009 - 31. Jan. 2010
Vernissage: Friday 4th December

In the historic town center of Alcudia / Im Zentrum der Altstadt Alcudia*

News 2008 (I)

Jan. 2008
Art Students League, New York

W 57th st.

A.S.L. Gallery

A.S.L. Gallery

Times Square

Photos: Melissa Niven

News 2007 (IV)

New York - Jan. 2008

Presentation of approximately 12 current paintings at the Art Students League for the upcoming summer exhibition.

Hamburg - Jan. - Mär. 2008

Ausstellung im ATC, Hein-Saß-Weg 31, 21129 Hamburg

News 2007 (III)

Nightline - Neue Bilder
Rathaus Stade
29.11.07 - 13.12.07

Vernissage: Donnerstag 29 Nov. 07, 17:30 Uhr

Begrüssung: Andreas Schäfer - FB Leiter Kultur & Bildung, Stadt Stade
Einführung: Matthias Weber - Kunstmaler und Dozent, Stade

Hamburger Abendblatt

Stader Tageblatt

News 2007 (II)


Worpswede October 07

Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876 - 1907)

Spuren und Räume

Sie ist die bedeutendste deutsche
Wegbereiterin der künstlerischen Moderne.

Grund genug für mich in Worpswede
die einmalige authentische Atmosphäre aufzusaugen und im "Teufelsmoor" Zeichnungen anzufertigen.

An Originalschauplätzen wird Geschichte lebendig!
Traces and Spaces

She is the most important German
pioneer of modernism in art.

Reason enough for me to visit Worpswede,
to absorb the unique atmosphere, and to make some drawings in the "Teufelsmoor" (engl.: Devils Moor).

At original locations history comes alive!

News 2007 (I)

Thalia Stade 02.03. - 30.04  - "Kunst im Treppenhaus"

News 2006 (IV)

Nottingham, U.K.       
Art Exhibition 2006

News 2006 (III)

Neue Bilder
19. März - 14. Mai 2006
Schraders, Stade

News 2006 (II)


"I think in images not in words,
creating being an obsession
rather than a choice"

Martyn Dunn - Art Today

(read more interview details soon in the scrapbook section) D.P.

Los Angeles 2006
At The Otis Exhibition

Cover picture:
M. Dunn
Acrylic on canvas 2005

News 2006 (I)


Listening For The Island

New novel release from the Canadian author
Christy Ann Conlin

Cover painting:
Martyn Dunn
Cover model:
Lina van Rijswijk / Rotterdam - NL

Roman-Neuerscheinung der kanadischen Autorin
Christy Ann Conlin

Christy Ann Conlin



News 2005 (IV)


Stockholm Syndrome

Autumn Impressions 05

Yes, it has been a magnificent time in Sweden. The meeting with my gallery-friend Mrs Marie Lind was very promising and productive, so the earliest shows over there will be around 2007/8 I guess – time enough to work on my new buggers (well, what else).

Apart from the town gallerys, the painters and so on, my inspiration kick this time came unexpectedly from that weird blonde dreadlock beserker, who ran like mad and without a single break up the citys hill at Götgatan – well done! Alter Schwede...! That’s a type of art, too! Hahaha!

Last but not least: A big thanks goes to Yvonne Brattling from Södermalm, for her hospitality during my visit. A very nice, kind and funny lady. I’ll never forget her swedish king-size viking-pizza. Tack tack.

See yah...Martyn


News 2005 (III)


Martyn has a new section planed called scrapbook. It will inculde some thoughts about his art, ideas, his source of inspiration, a few press articles and so forth. We´re still adding content as we have time, so please be patient. (D.P.)

News 2005 (II)

Malmö Arts
Swedens Summer Art Fair 2005

Hello my friends of art,
First of all - Thank you very much for all your friendly entries about my work and homepage! That's really great!
The show at this summers Malmö Art Fair was amazing. Therefore, thanks to the artists Morten Lassen, Mikael Sass and Ingeborg Ericcson for also taking part!
Next I will follow an offer from the art collector Mrs Marie Lind from Sweden for potential exhibitions in her country. I'm really looking forward to meet this nice person in Stockholm this October.
Wish me luck...and stay tuned...


News 2005 (I)
Die Bilder-Serie "Café Berlin - die Neue Zeit" mit der Malerin Yasmin Laibach   The pictures-series "Café Berlin - the New Age" with the paintress Yasmin Laibach.
Illustrationen: Martyn Dunn   Illustrations: Martyn Dunn
Coloration/Text: Yasmin Laibach   Coloration/Words: Yasmin Laibbach

Berlin der 1920er Jahre im Milieu der künstlerischen Subkultur während der "Goldenen Ära".
  Story line:

Berlin in the 1920ies in the ambience of the artistic subculture during the "Golden Era".
Yasmin Laibach

Geboren in Frankfurt/Main
Meisterschülerin an der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien

Born in Frankfurt/Main
Master Student at the Academy of Arts in Vienna